Audio at Home

Musical Wellness

Audio at Home offers “Audiophile Hi-Fi” for music lovers who want to enjoy immersive music playback at home that lets you experience the sensory sensations of live performances.

As if the 3D image of live music is acoustically reproduced in your living room. In other words, "audiophile" music playback.

Enjoy the ambiance. Imagine yourself among the audience. Notice interaction between musicians, subtle expressions, their virtuosity, etc... 

Within the possibilities of each price range, we look - for and with you - for combinations of audio equipment that reveal the "music" itself and ideally quiet your analytical listening mode until you only enjoy it to the fullest.

Only craftsmanship

"Audio at Home" consciously opts for a limited, careful selection of superb quality suppliers with technological leadership at the right price (from hifi to high-end audio).

"Audio at Home" aims for a complete, yet flexible offer within multiple price segments with growth opportunities for you as a customer.

Sensations caused by music are central to "Audio at Home", just like you experience with live music.

Music reproduction that stimulates your senses, so that you cannot sit still out of pure listening pleasure.

Your satisfaction and pride with every purchase is our goal and that is why "Audio at Home" recommends our "3 step plan to your satisfaction" (see below).

Personal listening session by appointment at our home

We do the search for your ideal audio system together and start with a personal listening session in the listening room at our home. Hence, "Audio at Home".

This search is very individual and that is why we only work by appointment. Also outside office hours, so your professional agenda is not compromised.

Audio advice at your home (*) 

The marriage of components determines the magic of the final result. Every “combination” just sounds different and not necessarily the same as in our listening room. 

We therefore advise you to test the result together at your home. If desired, we will come to your home with the demo equipment. Hence, "Audio at Home". 

Secure your satisfaction (*)

New audio equipment typically has to “break-in”. The sound could still evolve strongly, before becoming final. That is why "Audio at Home" offers the possibility to rent the demo equipment for a week for conclusive evaluation at your own pace.

This way you can make sure that the final sound character still gives you satisfaction.

(*) These costs are fully or partially refunded upon purchase.



For music reproduction, we selected superb quality brands of stylish audiophile loudspeakers in multiple price ranges. In our listening room, together we search the loudspeaker technology that sounds best to you:

  • Passive speakers or all-in-1, streaming, wireless, active models
  • Floorstanding, standmount, bookshelf 
  • Bass-reflex, transmission line
  • Dome or ribbon tweeters


For music amplification, we offer brands with technological leadership in amplifiers at the right price. Depending on your personal preference and budget, you can audit multiple amplifier technologies in our listening room:

  • All-in-1 solutions (server, streamer, DAC, amplifier)
  • Integrated amplifiers (with or without streamer/DAC)
  • Pre- and power amplifiers (with or without streamer/DAC)
  • Tube, transistor or hybrid amplifiers (class A, AB or D) 

Music Servers / Streamers / DAC / CD-players

As music sources, we fully embrace high-resolution digital music libraries. Now that this technology has matured, it combines high-resolution audio with the convenience of a music library, remotely controlled via mobile phone or tablet:

  • All-in-1 solutions (server, streamer, DAC, amplifier)
  • Music streamers (with or without integrated DAC or pre-amp)
  • Music servers (with or without integrated DAC or pre-amp)
  • Digital to Analog Converters (DACs with or without streaming, reclocker, upsampling processor)
  • CD-player
cables isolators power strips

Accessories like cables, isolators, power strips, etc...

Audio accessories make your audio equipment perform as best as possible. They simply maximize your investment and listen experience. In our listening room, you can experience the effectiveness of:

  • Shielded AC power cables with Ferrite Filters in Oxygen Free Copper (OFC) or mono-cristalline copper (HPOCC)
  • Loudspeaker cables in silvered, tinned or pure OFC Copper
  • Analog cables (RCA, XLR) with up to 6 shields, Ferrite Filter in tinned or silvered OFC copper
  • Digital cables (USB, RCA, LAN, TOSLINK, HDMI) with multiple shields in tinned or silvered OFC copper
  • Vibration isolators
  • Filtered power strips with phase indication and overvoltage protection

Audiophile electrical installation?

Our audio advice at home also has the advantage that we can evaluate your electrical installation for its audiophile qualities.

"Audio at Home" wants you to invest money where it makes a difference. This way you get the most out of your audio equipment and budget. A good start is half the battle won.